Out of a need for writing stories on Medium, but the browser is just to damn distracting, s'More was born, because sometimes you just need a little more. The "s" stands for sweet, smooth, superb, or just any positive word that starts with an s.

s'More is open source on github, you should check it out.


  • Quick

    It's written in electron and react so it's quick as hell.

  • Writing

    The editor in s'More is nearly exact to the Medium editor with just a few small tweaks, but it has all the same features that you expect with bold, italic, underline, headers, and lists.

  • Open Source

    s'More is open source, which is awesome because then anyone can go in and check out the code, and maybe gain inspiration for their next app.


Download s'More for your Mac OS now, it's free, so there's literally no reason not to, right?